Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things are getting fishy.

A recipe for a perfect Saturday night.


Some slippery little sardines

An overactive parsley bush

A spot of outside cooking

And make grilled sardine chimichurri.

Keep the barbecue fired up, chargrill some red onion then add

Fresh roasted crushed hazlenuts


Some more of that herby goodness

For a grilled red onion salad with hazlenut aillade.

Finally, some plump pretty Queensland scallops on the half shell

And a butter garlic dressing

A few minutes on the barbecue hotplate, assemble all and there is a spread to enjoy

A jealous dog

And two very contented foodies.

All recipes are from the "Smokin" section of the November 2009 Gourmet Traveller.

A fitting end to a week of fancy cooking.   It's a good thing we did this now, because in a few weeks Tony will end up savouring his sardines for a while longer - he's doing Movember and will, if his blog is any indication, soon have a very silly moustache.  If you'd like to support him, and the cause of men's health and dealing with prostate cancer specifically,  you can donate here.

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