Monday, November 2, 2009

From Gourmand to Gossip Girls

1.  Things I learnt from Gourmet Traveller
  • Some things (I'm looking at you, parmesan marshmallows) are better off left at restaurants.
  • I may be able to cook the food, but I'm still too bogan for the accompanying lifestyle.
  • A well flavoured, simple pea soup takes a lot of work.  Deceptively simple, as it happens.
  • A week of eating Gourmet Traveller food is surprisingly light on the wallet - at least, the recipes I chose were.
  • And not too unhealthy.  Mind you, I never did get around to the chocolate peanut butter fondants with salted caramel icecream.  I do have all the necessary ingredients, so that may be just a matter of time.
2.  A new Magazine!  (Well, it is Monday after all).

We're going more mainstream this week.  A big warm welcome to... Who!  (Who?  No, Who!  What?  No, Who!  I asked *you* who?  I told you, Who!  Who's on first?)  

Our first piece of news reporting from Who is the coverage of the premiere of Michael Jackson's estate's last cash-in - uh, I mean film, This Is It.

Who reports that 'many guests... wore a sombre look and black to honour the memory of the pop legend'.

Oh yes.  Because nothing says sombre, respect and honour like Paris Hilton in gold safety pins.

It's going to be a classy week.

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