Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Life! Death! Prizes!

Now this blog does mean I buy a magazine a week.  Some, like Gourmet, I get anyway.  Some, like Who, I'll read anyway.  Some, like Classic Tractor, I would have never bought but am so, so glad I did.

But I stumbled across a magazine in the newsagency that is remarkable for two things.  Firstly, it makes Who look like Pulitzer prize winning material.  Secondly, I've found the limit for what I just cannot spend my money on - blog or no blog.

The magazine is an UK publication (that's the first warning) and is called Chat!.  The subtitle is 'Life!  Death!  Prizes!'.  No, I'm not making this up.  It contains gruesome "real life" stories - featuring sex, babies, sex, death, sex, murder, sex, drugs and so on.  The weirder the better it appears.  The publisher describes it as "cheeky, irreverent and fun", but I prefer this article's take on it.

The issue I leafed through at the newsagency had a horrific variety of stories.  I'm not surprised there's been complaints in the past about the content.  For the sake of your stomachs, I'm not going to go into detail about the stories I read.  Suffice to say that the words "superglue" "sex change" "DIY" and "dribbling hole" should never, ever be linked in the same article.  Sadly, they were.

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