Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mixed messages, much?

As you may have gathered from the cover shot on Monday, this week's Who has a weight loss focus.

Kelly Osborne has lost 20 kg.

Alanis Morisette has lost 10 kg.

Sophie Monk has apparently lost an undisclosed amount of weight, but I can't tell the difference between the before and after photos except that she is wearing a bikini in one:

Trista Ryan (she of the only one to actually find love on The Bachelorette fame) and Melissa Joan Hart have both lost baby weight.  Coincidentally, both (according to Who, at least) are the same height (1.57m) and both were about the same weight after pregnancy - 69kg for Trista and 70kg for Melissa.  Trista says "I saw that number and I was like "Oh, God - how am I going to lose it?".  Given that she gained just a smidge over the recommended pregnancy weight gain, and given she was (according to Who) 50 kg before birth, it seems sad that a skinny woman gaining a normal amount of weight to, you know, sustain a baby, is seen as extreme.  But hey, she lost the weight, so Who celebrates.

And in the midst of all this weight loss, we have the recipe for the week.


That's right, filo pastry, butter laden, honey dripping, nut filled delicious and calorific baklava.  To up the weight loss sabotage, Who has an add for coffee flavoured Baileys (mm, cream and alcohol!) in the corner which it suggests serving over vanilla icecream. 

I just hope Kelly, Alana, Trista and Melissa don't see it.

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